Tango-winterweek Zweden

2-7 Januari 2023

Docent en organisatie: Bennie Bartels

Autumn is in full swing, the colouring of leaves, wind and rain, with lights embracing the incoming darkness. 
Time for Winterplans, in a place where winter is all you expect from it. Landscapes covered in snow, frozen lakes, cozy houses with wood-fires and the silence of endless landscape.

What better than sharing togetherness, expressive dancing, beautiful meals, embracing arms and spontaneous  thoughts, coming back to a deep sense of self in the star-lit dark nights of the north.

2-7 of JANUARI 2023 
You can come a day earlier or stay some days longer in one of the beautiful red wooden houses I rent from friends and neighbours. 

300 km above Stockholm/Sweden, to be reached by car, train, flight or a combination of this. (even boat is a possibility part of the travel)
In a beautiful old wooden school, wonderful floor, where we dance, eat, and enjoy a gorgeous view on the Swedish countryside. 

One Feldenkrais and two tango classes a day and every night dancing with a wide variety of music, from classical to modern. 
A big lunch and dinner prepared with healthy and organic food, colourful and tasteful.
Wine will be provided and is included within the whole package, as is coffee and tea and some snacks.

550 euro, all included

Tango, more than a dance!
It is all in the dance and yet it is more than the dance. 
The paradox belongs to tango and shows that seemingly opposites go together. 
The dance comes together, in between the meals, during the talks, walks in the snow or sleeping through the long dark nights, as well as during the lessons that are driven by creativity, freedom, technique and discipline. Where sensing and feeling become the driving factors to regulate connect and improvise from, something the Feldenkrais lessons help you to develop and become more aware off. 

I love teaching weeks as the process of learning and dancing has time to spread, deepen, intensify and come together so it can become truly yours.