Bennie Bartels Feldenkraisles

Nice to be connecting again.
Hope you are all doing well and find your way around in these days. Want to offer you some meaningful movement and contact, something to share between one another within the context of intimacy even when apart.
I am locked down in England, happily though with wife and kid, so not too many a dull moment to spare. Confinement, as most of you will know, is not my forte. An hour of Feldenkrais always moves boundaries and makes me experience a sense of freedom and creativity that grounds and centres me for the day.
So meet you on Zoom one of these days
(more info on Feldenkrais
– Tuesdays 17.00 – 18.00 (English spoken)
– Zaterdagen 11.00 – 12.00 (Nederlands)

Lessons will be 10 Euros/GBP. You can book more at a time.  (after I received payment I will send you the link)
IBAN: NL21INGB0005286724